The “Elements of fall” gang

As I mentioned in my last post I am frantically getting ready for my pop up shop in Surry Hills. Part of the reason I’m so excited about this shop is not just getting to showcase some of the new things I”ve been working on but also I love the work of my fellow “Elements of Fall” gang!


Hayden Youlley is one of the artists who is also taking part in “Elements of Fall”. Hayden creates amazing ceramics, more of his work can be found at

Hayden in this month’s INSIDE OUT.
More about another of the gang in my next post!


Artisan Elements “Elements of fall”

So excited and honored to be part of the “Artisan Elements” pop up shop along with some other very talented artists and designers. The store will be running from the 22/03/14 until 17/04/14 at 37A Crown st, Surry Hills. 


Other artists and designers involved in the shop are: ceramics by Hayden Youlley, jewels by Tanya Coelho, women’s wear label “Made to wear”, textile design studio “Feloffa Designs”, and designer label “Eva Cassia.”


As for my own collection for the “shop” I have been hard at work and can’t wait to show you the results!

Want more info on Artisan Elements! Check out our Facebook page.

ISEND WEFT 2012 Catwalk show

???????????????????????????????Last Year I showcased some of my garments at ISEND WEFT 2012 in Malaysia. All clothing were made using natural fibres and were dyed or printed with natural dyes all devised by me after many years of experimentation.

The above images are of gum leaf impressions on silk chiffon on female model. The male model is wearing hand printed linen pants and scarf

The precarious life of a natural dyer

As I was driving through suburban Sydney yesterday, with one eye trained on the passing flora and the other on the road, I started thinking about the precarious life of a natural dyer. Not only are we exposed to metal salts when mordanting the fabric, various fumes as the pots bubble away, seeking the next dyeing plant can be a hazard also, particularly if this search is carried out in Sydney traffic. I find myself looking at the plants I drive past and wonder if they would give a good colour, or make a nice imprint on the fabric. When I find the ever elusive eucalyptus cinerea, I try and make a mental note of where I have seen it so I can go back at a later date and do some creative pruning without being caught. Are the leaves too high up, is it on a major road with nowhere to park or stop, and where are my secateurs ….. Particularly eye catching, in the passing traffic, were the freshly blooming coreopsis, which give a beautiful yellow dye. Masses of these yellow blooms beckon me, to be reckless, and risk life and limb to harvest the yellow prize, as I assess whether stopping in a 90 zone with very little shoulder is wise…maybe later, when peak hour is over and it is dark. It is almost an addiction, a need to find a good source of colour, constantly scouring the urban landscape in the hope of colouring treasure.

Photo shoot

Recently I did a photo shoot of my new product range.

I worked with the lovely girls from Love Shaka Dee and Kia, photographer Alex Lee Jackson and my good friend makeup artist extraordinaire Briohny Wilson.

It was a long day for all but I think you’ll agree the results were pretty special.