Press Release

A new brand is launching, created by one designer who has spent her life studying under the most reputable artists from all over the world. After debuting the label at ISEND WEFT 2012 in Malaysia to international acclaim, Sylvia Riley Designs will be available in Australia via select stockists and her online store. Every single piece has been hand dyed using her own unique blend of natural dyes, formulated by Sylvia in order to produce the distinctive patterns that have become her trademark.

She has translated this range of textile garments and fabrics into two collections. Each has the classic delicacy and beauty of resist dyeing, one is paired with a preference for unique dark undertones and the other for bold, bright, contrasting colours. In order to create perfectly unique pieces, Sylvia Riley Designs will be designing bespoke fabric with clients.

Every fabric is designed with careful consideration and time, steering away from the random assemblage many people see in hand dyeing to a deliberate composition with direction and energy.

The primary use of natural dyes is a tribute to old, often lost, traditions and methods and sustainable practice with a minimal effect on the environment and lack of harmful chemicals.

Artist and Textile designer Sylvia Riley has travelled the globe for over ten years, learning handcrafts from the most prestigious artists of our time. While globetrotting, she practised and perfected her skill base, challenging herself and creating entirely new ways to colour fabric with a fusion of techniques and traditions from India, North America, the Pacific Islands and throughout Europe.

These experiences have given Sylvia a knowledge and expertise that is unparalleled. By combining different disciplines and experimenting with variations of traditional techniques and non-traditional methods, Sylvia Riley creates hand dyed pieces that are impossible to replicate. When people take home a Sylvia Riley Design they will feel like they own a piece of nature.